What insurance is accepted at Northwestern Medicine Hospital?

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Northwestern Medicince accepts multiple health insurance plans. However, Northwestern Medicine only accepts 2 health insurance plans from the Marketplace in Illinois

Blue Cross Blue Shield Preferred PPO 

Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO Precision - Contigent that your PCP is within Northwestern Medical Group Network. Note that you need referrals to see Northwestern Specialists if you have an HMO plan. 

What about Employer offered Plans?

Employer offered health plans are generally acepted by Northwestern Medicine, you need to confirm the plan is on the list of accepted health plans here. Or you can reach out to your employer benefits manager and cofrim the plan network.

What about Medicare Supplement Plans?

All Medicare Supplement plans are accepted by Northwestern physicians and facilities. Since Medicare Supplement plans do NOT have a network, you can see any provider who accepts original Medicare. However, if you have a Medicare Select plan from a different state you may be limited to a list of hospitals you can visit on the plan. 

What about Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advanage Plans are like individual health plans, they have a network of providers and hospitals that are accepted and others that are considered out of network or not covered. You can visit the Health Insurance Plans Accepted by Northwestern Page to view a list of a list of all Medicare Advantage plans in network. 

Does Northwestern Hospital Accept Medicaid?

Yes. While the hospitals particiaptes with Medicaid, not all providers maybe credentialed with Medicaid which means you may not see all providers in the outpatient settings on Medicaid. The best way to confirm is by calling the provider office and ask they accept Medicaid.

Note: Always confirm coverage with your provider's office before scheduleing an appointmnet as networks change constatnly. 

If your provider is no longer in network, you can choose a new health insurance plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan during the Annual Enrollment Period or Open Enrollment Period. 

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